Friday, 22 September 2017

The Transgender Fad

Boys can grow up to be men, or they can grow up to be messed up men. They cannot grow up to be women. They can never be mothers.

It does not mean that little boys cannot play with dolls, or wear pink if they are so inclined.  When they grow up, they can be what they want, even if it is in a job usually thought of as for females. 

Girls. They can grow up to be women, or they can grow up to be messed up women. They cannot grow up to be men. They can never be fathers. 

That does not mean that little girls cannot play with trucks and when they are big enough, they can be whatever they want, even be a soldier if they can meet the fitness requirements. Or maybe they can tackle other jobs in which females are under-represented, like sewer workers or garbos. 

The picture to the left is from 1959. Little girls fifty years ago were not invariably dressed 'pink and frilly' as they seem to be now.  Rubber boots for muddy play, and overalls - freedom for girls as well as boys.   

Is the 'pink and frilly' standard dress part of the reason that some girls are revolting and saying that maybe being a boy is better?

Children must be free to be what they want - within  reason. But children should never, ever be encouraged to mess up their bodies with unrealistic expectations.  It is criminal that in certain circles, that seems to be exactly what is happening these days. It is bunkum to speak of someone being 'born in the wrong body.' It is not possible to be born into any body but your own. 

There have always been 'Trannies,' though the abbreviation stood for transvestites, not 'Transgender.' That is a new fad. 

Some stories I have heard just recently.
A husband and wife, who both decided to change sex, and now they are wife and husband.
A mother and son, who both decided to change sex, and now they are father and daughter.
A young man who decided to change sex, and is now a competitive football player - in women's competitions.

So we are told that it is very rare, and we should be understanding.  Rare?  So what an amazing coincidence that two in the same family 'discover'  that they were the opposite sex all along, and they need to change in order to be happy and fulfilled as they were always meant to be.

But what other motives could there possibly be?  


Well, right now, 'coming out'  as  Transgender is likely to get you considerable attention. You will be seen as 'brave.'  You might even get awards.  

Catherine McGregor (formerly Malcolm McGregor)  was very nearly given the award of  'Australian of the Year'  in 2016.  The award is supposed to be for someone who has made a particularly valuable contribution to Australia.
McGregor has made achievements.  He/she filled a senior position in the army,  was prominent in cricket, wrote a book and did some speech-writing, most of those achievements when he was Malcolm.

All the same, was it those achievements that won her consideration for that major award?  Or was it mostly because she was transgender?  
She acknowledged herself that it may have played a part when she complained that she did not win.  "I made a criticism about the choice of Australian of the Year based on my personal view that an opportunity had been missed to name an LGBTI Australian. This was poor judgement."

Sporting Success?

A sportsman who never quite made the top in male sport can now decide to be a woman and use his naturally heavier musculature and longer limbs to have a better chance against real women.  It seems the only requirement is that their testosterone level, when checked, is lower than a certain point. There is no requirement to have life-altering surgery, and indeed, it is deemed rude and insensitive to even ask.

Hannah Mouncey is a former male Olympian.  He/she now calls herself female, and is looking for a women's football club to join. She is 100kg, and 190cm tall.  He/she will be in a contact sport playing against women. 


Even for the Olympics, it appears the only rule to play as a woman is to have a level of Testosterone below a certain figure.  I expect that in the 2020 Olympics, we will see a bit of that. There goes women's sport!   

Here is another former man who is likely to be competing in the US Olympics Women's Volleyball team, Tia Thompson.


An easier prison sentence?

If a man in prison declares he is now a woman, he can demand free medication, and can also ask to be transferred to a women's prison.  There is a glaring example of the stupidity of this policy.  Martin Ponting was convicted of the rapes of two young girls, but once in prison, decided to be a woman instead.  So 'Jessica Winfield' was moved to a women-only prison (despite still having a perfectly usable penis)  but then had to be isolated because he was making unwanted advances to the real women.

Other motives? 

In answer to my criticism of what I see as encouragement to go transgender, a facebook user posted this.  It contains some excellent points.

Baccus Olypus · 

As I recall, Marj, you write novels about a child who had his genitals altered. Many babies are born of indeterminate gender and are assigned a gender by doctors, and even operated on to make the baby one or the other – and that is generally only super
ficial appearance. So, if a girl is born with male looking organs, she may be classed as a boy. If a boy is born with an extremely small penis, they may register him as a girl, thinking he will have a happier life that way.

I presume someone of your intelligence and strong opinions knows about genetic sexual abnormalities from the standard XX and XY such as X, XXX, XXXX and XXXXX and XXY, XXXY, XYY - Then there are hormonal imbalances, before or after birth.

And then we come to psychological problems that may have less well understood biological bases or may simply be psychological, but still real.
Baccus is right that newborn babies can have ambiguous genitalia.  Almost always a simple check of XX or XY will show what the child is supposed to be.  And even if it is a boy who has been 'feminised' in the womb by an imbalance of hormones,  or a girl who has been 'masculinised,' it is far better to assign him to his true sex by checking  DNA.  The variations? Almost always, if there is a Y chromosone, the child will present as a boy. Variations such X, XXX, XXXX and XXXXX and XXY, XXXY?  I am not at all sure that some of those exists.  Multiple X chromosones, of course, will be girls,  though XXXX?  Maybe a non viable foetus, I would expect, though I am no expert.  

Baccus speaks of doctors assigning babies to the sex they think will suit best, even operating to make them 'fit' better. There have been quite a few boy children who were classed as girls because they had a small penis, or if it happened to be accidentally destroyed, often with a botched circumcision.  I remember being horrified when I read that a 'small' penis was anything under an inch long.  Surely a newborn boy's penis is only about an inch long!  

But that was mostly in the 70s and 80s when there was the conviction among certain 'experts' that a baby was malleable, and could be boy or girl depending on how he was raised.

One tragedy arising from this mistaken idea is well known, and related in the book 'As Nature Made Him: the boy who was raised as a girl' by John Calapinto.  

Identical twin boys were born, but one had his penis destroyed at the time of circumcision. The parents were convinced by the 'experts' that he would be perfectly happy if they simply raised him as a girl.

But it just did not work, in spite of an early castration,  in spite of the use of hormones, and in spite of some very determined 'counselling' to try and make the boy acknowledge that he was a girl.

The twin brother died of suicide after it was revealed that his sister was really his brother.  The young man chose to revert to living as a man.  I am not sure if he is still alive. 

So no, a baby is not that malleable. Sex is in the brain as well as in the genitals and natural hormones. The above sentence implies that when a boy says that he is 'really a girl,' or vice versa, then that should be catered to.  But there are people who say that a limb does not belong to them, and they beg doctors to amputate it. Ethical doctors do not comply. It is better that no person with the belief that a limb does not belong is unnecessarily handicapped, and it is better that those with 'gender dysphoria' accept their sex.  They can be 'boyish' girls or 'girlish' boys without taking on the pretence that they have changed sex. 

Baccus points out that I wrote a series of books featuring a boy/man who was castrated as a child. But  Shuki was not happy about it, and in just the second chapter of the first book, he manages to poison the doctor who performed the operation. Shuki lost the capability of enjoying sex, though he was lucky enough to find love anyway.  

My book is fiction. The only reason I can think of to deliberately castrate a male human is if his sex drive is perverse and damaging - for instance, it takes the form of wanting to hurt people.  

Or if he is an adult, and wants it.  Ten years ago, when I was researching castration and its effects, I looked at a site where many men spoke of their castration fantasies.  They wanted to be eunuchs.  Then, it was terribly, terribly difficult to find a 'cutter.'  Some resorted to self mutilation, trying to destroy their own testicles.  Some of the methods described were truly horrific!

But now, if that is what they want, all they need to do is pretend that they are 'a woman in a man's body' and they wish to 'transition.' They can achieve their wish to be emasculated a lot easier now than they could just ten years ago.

But a child or a young man?  They are perfectly likely to want to change their minds, and that is not easy. A eunuch will always be a eunuch.

Baccus Olypus 
If people are genuinely ‘recruiting’ then that is obviously wrong. I doubt this is a major problem. I think you quote a knee-jerk reaction to educating people about tolerance and understanding of other people’s problems, which can only be a good thing.

The trouble is they do seem to be encouraging it.  And they are doing it in schools!  In Australia, some years ago, the 'Safe Schools' programme was introduced.  It was presented as an anti-bullying programme, but within the programme was a great deal of radical gender theory.  When parents worked out what was actually happening, they made a fuss, and the federal government forced some changes, removing the more explicit sex education.  Does any child really need to model a vagina from plasticine?  Does any child really need to have his attention drawn to pornographic sites?  Or learn where to get sex toys?  The ins and out of anal sex?  Even how to disguise your internet history so your parents do not know what you have been researching?

The Victorian state government is more left-wing than most, and when the federal government withdrew funding for the more radical agenda-driven programme, they have funded it themselves instead. It is compulsory in state schools in Victoria. The parents are not permitted to have their child opt out, and they are not kept informed. There is information that the more radical aspects of the programme are quietly making their way back into the teachings in other states, as well.

My information about 'Safe Schools'  has mostly come from a mother who calls herself 'politicalpostingmumma' on facebook. This lady originally intended to be anonymous, for fear of a backlash when she spoke out against the pushing of the idea of gender fluidity and other such nonsense notions. 'Politicalpostingmumma' has had death threats, and once her identity was exposed, even her family has been threatened. 

And yet she is only saying what is. She reveals what is happening, keeps screen shots of the evidence (often removed when exposed)   and she posts references.

Similar programmes are forced on children in other countries, often without informing the parents.  I watched a video yesterday of a mother who said she was 'sick with fury.' A photograph had been spotted that showed her five-year-old son wearing a dress, the teacher said, and she had to go to see a counsellor for possible sex reassignment for the child. California, I think it was, by memory. 

The mother said that, for a start, it was a football jersey, not a dress, and even if it was a dress, there was no possible reason for 'sex reassignment.' 

Of course, there was not. People do not appear to realise that 'sex reassignment' for a boy means castration, chemical to begin with, and later, physical castration. They want to turn these boys into eunuchs! Whether he chooses to have sex with a male or female, a eunuch is going to have his sex drive turned off, and while hormone treatment might restore it to some degree, it will never be the same, as well as increasing the risks of cancer and stroke.  

I read a story the other day about a twelve-year-old who was helped to 'transition' to a girl, but within a year, understood that it was a mistake, and is now living as a boy again. But physical damage had been done by the hormones - puberty blockers - and there are very likely going to be permanent consequences of that, even if it is only that he is shorter than he should have been. 

His parents were supportive when he decided he wanted to be a girl, just as they were encouraged to be by the sex counsellors. And they were supportive (and probably vastly relieved) when he decided he really preferred to be a boy after all. 

It was made too easy.  That boy should never have been messed up by adults who were pushing their radical theories onto school children.

Little children like to dress up, and girls' clothes tend to be more interesting than men's clothes.  If a small boy puts on a dress or tries mummy's makeup, don't make it more than it is.  The little boy pictured is now a doting daddy himself.

If a bigger boy likes to put on women's clothing and wear makeup, he is probably gay.  That is fine, nothing wrong with it.  

But if he starts pretending that he's really a woman, be polite about it, sure.  But he will never really be a woman, and anyone who tries to encourage the gay boy to start 'transitioning' is not doing him a favour.

Let them be gay, but they are still male. And no treatment should be given to any child, male or female, until he is fully adult and can make the decision himself - without being influenced by radical gender theory.

And yet, the politically correct viewpoint these days appears to be the idea that gender is 'fluid' and any boy, no matter the age, who expresses a desire to be a girl, should be catered for.  And any girl who expresses a desire to be a boy, likewise should be catered for.  So now we hear of small children of five, six and seven changing sex.

Some parents worry that they will find that their child has started to 'transition' without them knowing. In Victorian schools, they are introducing school doctors who can give children medication without informing the parents. But could there be any doctors so irresponsible as to use their power to help a child 'transition?' I guess it rather depends on how they recruit their doctors.  

So far, it is only in secondary schools, and probably has more to do with the prevention of pregnancy and the treatment of STDs than it does with transgender issues.  I hope so.

Gender is not fluid. You cannot change sex. All you can do is produce confused children, and if the 'transitioning' goes too far, irreversible and serious physical effects. 

I am not an expert.  I do not need to be.  People need to do their own research.

Here are a few references to start with.

Information about the 'Safe Schools' programme.

An article by Denise Shick, about using children as weapons in the gender culture wars.
I recommend this article.

A child relates what happened at school

Headline - California school won't let kids opt out of transgender lessons.

Labor's vision for a transgender world,  by Chris McCormack and Patrick J. Byrne

News Weekly, September 23, 2017

A boy changes his mind after two years.

The explosion in children wanting to be transgender after the introduction of so-called 'Safe Schools.''

This web page belongs to M. A. McRae, author of the Shuki series.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Sentimental Attachment

Can one become sentimentally attached to a clothes peg?

Long ago, my mum gave me my very last Christmas stocking.  I was in my early twenties and had just returned from a lengthy overseas trip.  I assume there were the usual items  - a little paperback book maybe, a few lollies, a set of ballpoint pens -  whatever she could think of, I guess, for a daughter no longer a child.  I have long forgotten what else was included, but one thing I was quite tickled with - a set of vivid pink clothes pegs.  So bright.  I like bright.

Well, that was decades ago, and those special clothes pegs have been in my peg box ever since.  The containers have changed, the pegs lasted.  And lasted.  They became old and faded and brittle, nearly white now.  

I picked one up this morning to use it, and, as always, I remembered my mum and I remembered that long ago Christmas stocking.  I was just reflecting that there was no point really in valuing such a small item when the one in my hand broke.

There are only a few left now.  Can one really become sentimentally attached to a clothes peg? Should I maybe put those few aside in order to keep them?

Naaah.  They are only clothes pegs.  That would be silly.

Possum Park, a favourite caravan park.

Sometimes, there is an especially nice place that I want other people to know about and enjoy. This one is a caravan park, not in a town, which means that if you don't know about, it is easy to miss.    But if you are travelling, it is one to note. Possum Park. It is in inland NSW, 20 kms north of the small township of Miles.

The 350 acres that is now Possum Park was once called RAAF Kowguran.

During WW2, it was a munitions depot.  The twenty underground bunkers were used for storing explosives.

They are now used for other things, including some cosy accommodation for visitors.

There are other unusual accommodation options available. Certainly there are some modern units, that seem boring by comparison with the cabins that used to be train carriages, or WW2 ammunition bunkers, or the newest attraction, yet to be available, in an old TAA aeroplane.

The train carriages - 

In some of the small carriages, there are things of interest that one would find in a museum.  In another,  there is a lovely little 'reading room.'  Everywhere, there are features to make a stay enjoyable.  

Once was a train.

There are gardens everywhere.  Sometimes unusual items are turned into garden features.

The Bush Chapel

There are the standard features of a good caravan park,  powered sites (of course)  a camp kitchen,  and sitting areas.  An unusual addition is the little bush chapel. 

One of the sitting areas. 

The picture below is the office.  Price is reasonable,  bookings advisable.  So next time you are travelling through the region known as the Western Downs of NSW,  I recommend a visit to Possum Park.   Phone (07) 4627 1651

Poor old Trump

Trump must really be messing with the agenda of some very powerful people. It is not just the ABC who appear to have a hysterical hatred for the man, but all the mainstream media. In that long speech, he systematically disproved the assertion that the media made after Charlottesville, (that he refused to criticise those causing violence,) with the result that, though we were actually shown a portion of the speech, (a surprise) it was dismissed as 'rambling' by one channel, something else insulting by another, and by the ABC, that 'he did not take criticism' - well    Certainly the media hate Criticism.
One newspaper, The Guardian, (according to ABC24) had as its headlines someone questioning his 'fitness to be in office,' and in case anyone still thought that he sounded rational and reasonable, they are making a big thing of Hillary Clinton speaking about him 'making her skin crawl.'

So who, exactly, is pulling the strings here and whose agenda is he messing with?

Do not allow yourself to be manipulated. Look at what he says and does, not what most of the media say he says and does. Because they are very different. Maybe there is truth in what a few say, that there is a push for a 'New World Order' (which would do no good for you and I) and Trump is not following the orders.

I expect hysterical denunciation now, people saying that Trump is sexist and racist and homophobic, etc. Maybe even a reminder of the pure fiction that he hates transgenders. Before the election, some were apparently thinking that the poor transgender people would wind up in concentration camps if he was elected. It has not happened. What has happened is that the divisions within America have become deeper and more violent, and I do not think that is Trump's fault. It is the fault of those whose agenda Trump is choosing not to follow.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Islam is winning

Islam is winning.

Islam wants to make the whole world part of its ‘Ummah.’ In other words, all of us to become Muslims.  The Koran commands it. Muhammad, when he first decided he was having revelations from Allah, tried to persuade people to follow him,  and when persuasion didn't work very well, he used treachery and murder instead. The more followers he managed, the bigger army he had at his command. He used his army to make himself rich, give his ‘soldiers’ plenty of booty to share, including of course, slaves, and the more he was able to force Islam onto his neighbours.
Those we now call Islamists are active in following his example. Mostly, they use modern tactics such as demanding concessions that no other religion would think of demanding, by using the absurdities of modern-day political correctness, and by depicting themselves as victims of Islamophobia at the slightest excuse, sometimes a manufactured excuse.
And they use terrorism. 'We will not be beaten,' people say whenever there is a new terrorist outrage. 'They may have guns but we have flowers.'  And,  'We will not allow them to make us afraid.'
No?  In Turin, Italy, 4th June, 2017, one and a half thousand people were hurt stampeding from a bang, possibly from a fire-cracker.  People might try and convince themselves that terror is not winning, but when so many people can be hurt because of an imaginary bomb, then it is clearly winning.
It is winning in many, many ways.
Each time some commentator speaks of the issue of terrorism without using the words 'Islam,'  'Muslim'  or even 'Islamist,'  then it is a win for Islam. The Australian ABC is laughable for its avoidance of any hint that Islam might have something to do with terrorism, even though almost every terrorist attack in the last fifteen years has been by Muslims in pursuit of its Islamist agenda.
They win each time a terrorism 'expert' pretends that Islamist terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Waleed Aly, TV presenter and Muslim did a lengthy report on terrorism, and blamed it on everything else but Islam. (
They win when ordinary people hesitate to use the word 'Muslim' when it is obviously a Muslim. There was a ludicrous example in regard to the second London Bridge attack (June 3rd, 2017) - a witness saw one of the perpetrators with his knife, he was shouting 'This is for Allah,'  and yet the witness 'couldn't say' whether he was a Muslim. I guess he thought that if he said it was a Muslim, then he would be 'racist.'  But if he was that close, he was lucky not to have had the knife slashing at his throat, and that is a lot more serious than simply being called a stupid word.
Each time a blogger gets criticised for telling it like it is, that is also a win for the Islamists. Some facebook accounts are repeatedly closed down because they speak of Islam - not 'hate speech,'  nothing that actually threatens Muslims for being Muslims, but merely for explaining the facts of the religion. 
Each time that schools bow to pressure and make special concessions to Muslims, it is a win for Islam and a defeat of Western values of civilisation. Some schools are now making their students learn about Islam, except that they only learn the dressed up version, not the facts. There was one school that had a 'Hijab Day.'  Hijabs are a sign of the subjugation of women. They have no place in schools or anywhere else.

Islam wins every time some asinine popstar says something like all we need is love and understanding and terrorists will no longer be terrorists. Such blatant idealism, such willful blindness, only delays the day we see the enemy and finally start to fight. 

Islam wins when those who calls themselves 'feminist' refuse to call them out on their misogyny.  Some have worn hijabs and called it feminist!  Anne Aly, Labor MP and former ABC personality, called it 'the most feminist religion.'  (March, 2017)  It states in the Koran that  a woman is worth half of a man, and that a husband should beat a wife from whom he fears disobedience. In the most Islamic of states they cover her in a black shroud as if she was not a person at all. Feminist? Baloney.
Islam wins when eyes are deliberately turned away from Islamic practices such as the forced marriage of underage girls.  It especially wins when a truly awful Islamic practice, female genital mutilation, is defended.  Germaine Greer!  She was once a highly respected feminist.  Now she equates FGM with voluntary cosmetic surgery.  It is a very different thing, lady!  Ask Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  ( 

Indonesia, once regarded as a 'moderate' Islamic nation. A Christian politician was charged with blasphemy because he ventured to say that it was not a Koranic command that Muslims could only vote for Muslims. That was a very big and very significant win for Islam.  Ahok (aka Basuki Tjahaja Purnama) is now serving a two year prison term for blasphemy.  ( 
Islam wins when European nations pass laws that outlaw criticism of Islam. That is a particularly sinister development. 
Islam wins when formerly modernising countries turn more and more to the severe form of Islam. Look at pictures of countries such as Iran and Afghanistan in the 1960s, and look at them now. Pity the poor women now enveloped in black. In Saudi Arabia, a woman is not permitted outside the house without the escort of a male guardian.
Islam wins when atheist bloggers are executed, and it wins when, in more and more areas, the brutality of Sharia Law is embraced.
Islam wins when Muslim communities succeed in making their area a 'No go'  area for others, including police. There are said to be more and more 'no go'  areas throughout Europe. There should be none.
And it wins when an occasional blogger - like myself - wonders about possible repercussions before pressing 'publish.'   


Learn about Islam. It is important.

Suggested books:

1.  Bill Warner, PHD, translation of the Koran and the Hadith, books about Islam. From Amazon: 'Bill Warner holds a PhD in physics and mathematics. He has been a university professor, businessman, and applied research physicist.
Warner had a life-long interest in religions, including Islam, and their effects on history and civilizations. After the 9/11 New York jihad attacks, he began working on making the Islamic political doctrine, which impacts non-Muslims, available to the average person.

2. Ayaan Hirsi Ali knows Islam as few others know it. She has written several books, every single one of them a learning experience for the reader.

3. 'The Story of Mohammad'   
            Harry Richardson.  

Based on the Hadith, one of the 'Holy' books of Islam, this is the story of Muhammad's life. Richardson puts it in order, and makes it easy to understand while never deviating from what is accepted as truth by Muslims.  
This book is truly an eye-opener.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Learning about Islam.

Some of us think we can learn about Islam by listening to what is said about it - like that 'Islam is a religion of peace'  or  that the idea of terrorism is not Islam, but a perversion of the teachings.

Some of us look to the sources, the 'Holy' books, the Koran, the Hadith and the Sira.  If that is not alarming enough, we can read books by those who have lived it.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an exceptional woman. I cannot recommend her books highly enough.

And there are idealists who travel to Islamic countries, partly for adventure, and partly to learn.  Maya Maquis is one.  I very much recommend her book, because this is from experience.

Here is what she says about it.

I’ve Learnt My Lesson is about events and my experiences of working as a teacher in the United Arab Emirates, and how my perception of life and my politically correct attitude towards Islam changed. It’s a book that deals mostly with small events; the things that make up our daily lives. But, it is in our daily lives that we exist and through which we experience happiness, pain and make decisions. It is a book about how, when every aspect of our daily lives is scrutinized, we start to live under a dark shadow that, at best, prevents us from participating fully in life. It is a book that zooms in on everyday life in the UAE, and implicitly reminds us how precious freedom is and that we must never take it for granted.

To buy this book, check online booksellers such as Amazon.

And it is vitally important to learn about Islam

Some Muslim leaders are saying that they are already 'taking over' in the West.  In some areas, usually referred to as 'No Go' zones, they are.
So yes, LEARN ABOUT ISLAM.  Instead of decrying those who raise concerns as 'racist' or 'bigots' or whatever,  make the effort to learn what you are talking about.

First, of course, the Koran, but note that some experts say that the English translations have been 'softened' for Western readers. for example, two versions of one particular verse. 
Koran,  22:19  'Garments of fire have been prepared for the unbelievers. Scalding water shall be poured upon their heads, melting their skins and that which is in their belly. They shall be lashed with rods of iron.'  Compared to  Qu'ran 22:19.  'Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.' 

The first is the translation that I have.  And that 'softened' version was still quite enough for me to be totally disgusted, especially with the tedious and repeated threats of dreadful punishments in hell for the unbelievers.  

But those different translations - No 'unbeliever' is going to be worried about a threat of punishment in a hell they don't believe in, but we all should be worried if Muslims are being directly told to punish the unbelievers. ISIS, for instance, seem to delight in devising wicked tortures for unbelievers, and those tortures have included being burned or boiled alive, just as the second translation of that particular verse commands.

There is a book I have only recently read, which I very much recommend. It is based on the account of Muhammad's life as told in the Hadith. (one of the three accepted 'holy' books of Islam.)

In the scorching sands of Arabia, Mohammed ibn Abdullah (The Prophet Mohammed) had a problem. After preaching for 13 years he had attracted on average just 12 followers a year to his new religion of Islam. Worse still, half the people in his home town of Mecca wanted to kill him. After fleeing to Medina however, things would change dramatically. 
Over the course of the next 9 years, this orphaned shepherd boy would develop the most devastating system of conquest ever devised; Jihad. He would become King of all Arabia and convert the entire Peninsula to Islam. Even his enemies would be forced to worship at his feet. 

After his death the uneducated desert Arabs would burst out on an unsuspecting world. Using this same system of Jihad, they would conquer both of the world’s greatest empires in just a few short years. Within 3 decades they would control the majority of the Middle East, North Africa and Northern India. Today the empire of Islam comprises 1.3 billion people and it is the fastest growing religion on the planet. Is it a religion of peace or of endless violence? Does it advocate suffocating sexual morality or sex slavery and harems? How can both the moderates and extremists be true Muslims? The surprising answers to these questions and more reveal themselves as this incredible story unfolds. 
The material in this book is drawn directly from the foundational texts of Islam. Instead of merely quoting the texts however, it explains how they came into being and how they relate to each other. It then provides the key which unlocks their true meanings.Armed with this knowledge, readers are then able to make their own interpretations and draw their own conclusions. References are provided throughout and every effort is made to assist the reader to do their own research should they wish. 
Despite the serious nature, the story itself is gripping and fast paced. Mohammed’s exploits constitute one of the greatest adventure stories of all time. Importantly, his life is the basis for the religion of Islam. By knowing his story, we can understand the forces which drive both militant and peaceful Muslims. It explains the mindset of the modern Jihadists and predicts the inevitable rise of ultra militant groups such as ISIS, Boko Haram and Al-Qaeda. 


Anything by Ayaan Hirsi Ali will be valuable.  She grew up in the faith, at one time, became more and more devout, and then started thinking until she finally saw what it was all about. 

Biography as shown on Amazon - 

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, was raised Muslim, and spent her childhood and young adulthood in Africa and Saudi Arabia. In 1992, Hirsi Ali came to the Netherlands as a refugee. She earned her college degree in political science and worked for the Dutch Labor party. She denounced Islam after the September 11 terrorist attacks and now serves as a Dutch parliamentarian, fighting for the rights of Muslim women in Europe, the enlightenment of Islam, and security in the West.

Muslims who grow up in the faith seldom know much about it. The favoured method of teaching is to memorise as much as possible without any attempt at understanding. Brain-washing, in other words. To some extent, it is similar to Christians, who might have gone to church every Sunday of their life, but all the same, know little of their faith. They have never done any thinking for themselves. 

 And it is why Muslims can earnestly and honestly declare that theirs is a beautiful faith, and do not quite understand  how those who are more devout can take the faith as justification for horrific crimes.  The Koran says that it is fine to do whatever they like to the unbelievers, and the Hadith tells them stories of Muhammad's deeds - the lies and the murders and the betrayals of innocent people.  Muhammad is the perfect example of a man, so Muslims believe, and so what he does has to be right.  It means Muslims can find easy justification for whatever crimes they commit as long as it against an 'infidel.'  

There is the added problem that the Koran is not in chronological order.  Instead it is arranged according to length of chapter, presumably to make it easier to memorise.  Contradictions become obvious, sometimes explained away as the 'duality'  of Islam, often with the addition that no unbeliever can hope to understand it without years of study.  

But all it needs is to be put in order, and then read with the knowledge that later verses 'abrogate'  or supersede earlier ones.  Many of the verses that are used to pretend that Islam is peaceful are from the early period of Muhammad's life when he lived in Mecca. But then he moved to Medina and discovered that war gained him far more followers than persuasion. 

From then on, he advocates violence. Islam is not a religion of peace. In one sense, it is not a religion at all, as there is no moral teaching at its core. At its core, Islam is an ideology of war.

I set my first book in a Muslim country.  ' Not a Man'  -  'from child of the slums to Oxford Graduate, this is the story of Shuki Bolkiah, modern day eunuch.' 

' Not a Man'  was followed by a sequel and then three more. It is only in the fourth that I directly speak of the religion.

Meriam is Shuki's niece. She is a bright and beautiful girl who loathes wearing the cover-all 'makrebi.'   As is the norm, she knows nothing of sex, and therefore does not realise when she is running into danger. She is raped and becomes pregnant, a disaster in the culture. Her mother does not want her to be killed 'for honour'  and appeals to Shuki, her brother.  Shuki gives Meriam a home in a civilised Western country.

It is not a smooth ride for Meriam. The beating that she suffered from her father has left her with the conviction that she is a terrible, terrible sinner. She tries to be the very best Muslim that she can possibly be. Only when she manages to throw off the conditioning can she make a good life for herself. 

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