Friday, 1 September 2017

Poor old Trump

Trump must really be messing with the agenda of some very powerful people. It is not just the ABC who appear to have a hysterical hatred for the man, but all the mainstream media. In that long speech, he systematically disproved the assertion that the media made after Charlottesville, (that he refused to criticise those causing violence,) with the result that, though we were actually shown a portion of the speech, (a surprise) it was dismissed as 'rambling' by one channel, something else insulting by another, and by the ABC, that 'he did not take criticism' - well    Certainly the media hate Criticism.
One newspaper, The Guardian, (according to ABC24) had as its headlines someone questioning his 'fitness to be in office,' and in case anyone still thought that he sounded rational and reasonable, they are making a big thing of Hillary Clinton speaking about him 'making her skin crawl.'

So who, exactly, is pulling the strings here and whose agenda is he messing with?

Do not allow yourself to be manipulated. Look at what he says and does, not what most of the media say he says and does. Because they are very different. Maybe there is truth in what a few say, that there is a push for a 'New World Order' (which would do no good for you and I) and Trump is not following the orders.

I expect hysterical denunciation now, people saying that Trump is sexist and racist and homophobic, etc. Maybe even a reminder of the pure fiction that he hates transgenders. Before the election, some were apparently thinking that the poor transgender people would wind up in concentration camps if he was elected. It has not happened. What has happened is that the divisions within America have become deeper and more violent, and I do not think that is Trump's fault. It is the fault of those whose agenda Trump is choosing not to follow.

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